Bristol Studio

I am Luke Tadashi, the founder and creative director of Bristol Studio and I take inspiration from the style of my favorite athletes and cues from Japanese design.
About the artist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I grew up playing competitive basketball from AAU into college. It was through my love of the game, in particular the dynamic culture surrounding it, that led me to start thinking deeply about design. Seeing my favorite athletes shape a broader social conversation through their manner of dress and assertive self-expression, I found myself drawn to design as a cultural force. On family trips to Japan, I was introduced to Japanese culture and design. These experiences informed my understanding of aesthetics, exposing me to more than just Western notions of beauty from back home.

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At Bristol Studio we believe sport and art are one and the same.

My work reflects both influences — taking inspiration from the style of my favorite athletes (drape, proportion, silhouette) and cues from Japanese design (deconstruction, raw, unconventional). Both me and Bristol Studio have been recognized by global brands, premiere press outlets, and cultural icons for our distinctive design. Highlights include being commissioned to make one-of-one pieces for LeBron James, consulting for major sportswear brands, and reimagining Kobe Bryant silhouettes for adidas Originals.

It’s time to make unseen designers seen.