Cirrhosa Net Dress

Pierre Davis – Highlight
The dress we designed (Autumn Randolph, Pierre Davis & Holly McClintock) is made from a custom knit textile designed only for No Sesso. We were inspired by the ocean and under the sea, giving a fantasy of a fierce goddess who lives under water. Pulling inspiration from Autumn Randolph’s archive of images she’s collected over the years, and Davis’s drawing interpretation of “The Birth of Venus,” we created a conceptual gown together.
  • Artist Pierre Davis + No Sesso
  • Medium Exclusive No Sesso custom knit
  • Credits Autumn Randolph & Holly McClintock


I'm the Co-Founder and Head Designer of No Sesso. I was the first trans woman to present a collection on the official New York Fashion Week calendar in February 2019 which has since become one of the most highly anticipated and attended shows during American Fashion Week.
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