Fany de la Chica

I’m a Hispanic female film director and singer based in Los Angeles that tells stories that empower women with a poetic aesthetic inspired by my Andalusian-gypsy heritage.
About the artist

I'm originally from Andalusia, the land of flamenco, and I have part of gypsy blood. I was born in the bosom of a matriarchal working-class family led by my grandmother Mama Lola. After emigrating from my country more than ten years ago, I started my career as a documentary filmmaker. In the wake of traveling to many countries to film, I had the necessity to tell stories that feel more personal and I made my transition to narrative films. I started to sing flamenco inspired and self composing songs and creating music videos that tell a story.


I wanted to empower women and the dreamy lyricism of flamenco enforces the bucolic feeling of the film.

My films have a strong feeling of cultural identity and a delicate aesthetic that plays with well-thought composition, natural light, a strong presence of colors and that mixes real people with actors. The sensibility with females as the main characters and deep stories with meaning. In this film, I tried to bring my colorful cultural folklore related to flamenco heritage to shine up a message of fighting against patriarchy.

It’s time to make unseen filmmakers seen.