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Fany De La Chica – Highlight
Fany De La Chica – Highlight
I spent my lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic rewriting my feature film called “At Dawn” (Al Alba) and this short film is aesthetically and spiritually based on the feature featuring one of my songs from my album "Dressed for a Sunday". The piece highlights one of the topics that summarize my work as an artist: how tradition perpetuates inequality towards women and benefits the patriarchal society. In this sense, the main character breaks the established rules to promote revolution between women so they can join her in the fighting against the patriarchy. The water has a metaphorical meaning of reborn, as I think this is what this society needs, reborn to break the norm through a revolution to achieve gender equality and a more fair status for women
  • Artist Fany de la Chica
  • Medium Film Details: Color / 4K
  • Details Duration: 2:54 mins
  • Credits Writer & Director: Fany de la Chica
    Photography: David Gonzalez
    Producer: Miriam Arrebola
    Art Direction: Elena Valles
    Fashion Designer: Veronica Cerezo
    Makeup Artist: Lena Brandholmg
    Music: Fany de la Chica, Eli Aleinikoff, & Conner Duke
    Color: Erik Lara
    Editor: Fany de la Chica
    Camera: Antonio Machado & Elena de Urda
    Assistant Director: Luisje Moyano
    Assistant Wardrobe: Lourdes Valera
    Assistant Production: Sergio Pamos, Barbara Lara, & Esther Muñoz
    Cast: Fany de la Chica, Lola Serrano, Amada Santos, Maria Sanchez, Olivia Luque, Amparo Serrano, & Oliver Gil
    Poster Creation: Painter Pedro Siratz & Photographer Mr. Kaw
    Music Mix & Master: Sahil Ansari & Daniel Obregon
    Filmed In: Jaén (Andalusia) - Spain


I’m a Hispanic female film director and singer based in Los Angeles that tells stories that empower women with a poetic aesthetic inspired by my Andalusian-gypsy heritage.
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