Until We Meet Again

Nariman Hamed – Highlight
Nariman Hamed – Highlight
My film is an exploration of the current state of mind in the US through a series of picturesque shots of people. 
  • Artist Nariman Hamed
  • Medium Shot on Arrie Alexa using 4K Digital
  • Details Run Time: 5:34
  • Credits Director of Photography: Noah David Smith
    Music by: Kodi Najm
    Art Direction by: Liselotte Denis and Kodi Najm
    Art Department: Yi-Ching Sung
    Colorist: Derrick Yuen
    Color Producer: Sheina Dao
    Supervising Colorist: Seth Ricart


I was born in Iran with deep roots in the film industry, I’m a New York based Iranian-American award winning film and commercial director and producer.
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