Arnetta Johnson

From humble beginnings to honorable places; my “Disruptive Jazz” sound and my “Netta Bop” style allows me to speak my truth; as I’m here to disrupt, uplift, and inspire!
About the artist

From Camden NJ, to Berklee College of Music. From church to jam sessions to international stages with the brightest musical stars. The becoming of Arnetta Johnson resonates from my ancestors through the sound of my horn.


I'm here to disrupt, uplift, and inspire!

So “If You Hear A Trumpet It’s Me” that’s my album, “SUNNY” my band, “Disruptive Jazz” my sound, “Netta Bop” my style,, my “home”. Again, my name is Arnetta Johnson and “music is for all the moments words can’t explain”.

It’s time to make unseen musicians seen.