Give U Life

Yung Baby Tate – Highlight
Yung Baby Tate – Highlight
This piece is inspired by life itself and the experiences we encounter that force us to grow, change shape, and increase in knowledge over the span of our time here. We are all blobs of energy that started off as an innocent little ball of light, curious about the world and it’s many lessons and journeys. No matter the path, however, it’s always on us to take what we’re given and shine even brighter every day. 
  • Artist Yung Baby Tate
  • Medium Genre: Rap-Pop
  • Details Duration: 1:06
  • Credits Written and Produced by Yung Baby Tate with additional production by Nyck.
    Nicholas Johnson
    Pka Nyck


I am a singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer who has been expressing myself through my art since I was a child. I want people to feel good about themselves. This year has been tough for a lot of us, and at times, it can be very bleak. At the end of the storm, the rainbow comes back out.
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