Christophe Roberts

I'm a Chicago-reared artist of Bahamian and Southern Black American descent that repurposes objects to reconfigure their meaning
About the artist

My practice explores complex masculinities, rebel origin myths, and the commodification of identity through meditations on mass culture iconography. I repurpose everyday objects with an intention to reconfigure their meaning and positioning in the familiar public archive.

Christophe Roberts – Portrait A_1080

The lion represents the energy behind my practice.

As a Bahamian artist reared in proximity to a lake that mimics the sea, yearning is the undercurrent of my works. Jamaica Kincaid writes of men with “lines drawn through them,” men in search of their fathers, in search of their homelands. Since youth, I created objects to neutralize a sense of absence, of discord with his environment. I work in Art and Sculpture to complicate notions of home, masculinity and consumerism. I live in Brooklyn and create at Manza Studios.

It’s time to make unseen artists seen.