We partnered with QSIDE to lead a study into the diversity of the most influential creators working in the industries of film, music, art and fashion between 2018-2019.

By exposing the extent of underrepresentation, our hope is that it will create systemic change across these four powerful industries.

"Art creates Truth and Beauty. Who makes art drives what truths get told, what beauties get created, what visions become realized. Our art must be made by diverse artists if it is to create real Truth and real Beauty. Our study demonstrates how far we have to go in ensuring that all of our voices are represented."

Life Unseen Study

Explore the diversity makeup of the industries in this interactive tool. Select your industry and identity to see where the most drastic changes need to be made.
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    We narrowed our focus on the most influential creators whose work is the most widely seen. 2020 being 2020, we decided to look at 2018 and 2019 for everything except art which required a longer view. Here is where we looked:

    • Film

      The top 10 most influential contributors, according to IMBD, behind the 100 top-grossing movies in America’s domestic box office between 2018 and 2019.

    • Fashion

      The principle designers behind the pieces on show at the “Big Four” Fashion Weeks (London, New York, Paris and Milan) in the Vogue Fashion Show Archive between 2018- 2019.

    • Music

      The musicians from Billboard magazine’s: Hot 100 Songs, Billboard 200 Albums and Top 100 Artists between 2018-2019.

    • Visual Arts

      Contemporary artists born after 1940 which feature in the permanent collections of 18 of the biggest U.S. galleries.

    Stats in the spotlight

    The key things we found at a systemic level:


    Women are 51% of the US population but are underrepresented in music, fashion, art and film.
    Female Representation
    Currently represented
    Female identifying population


    The Latinx community make up 16.4% of the US population and are the most underrepresented ethnic minority group across the four creative industries.
    Latinx Representation
    Currently represented
    Latinx population


    0.06% of the creators in our study had a physical disability despite making up an estimated 13% of the US.
    Currently represented
    Population with physical disabilities


    Transgender people were 10x less represented in our study than their representation overall in the U.S. population
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    The QSIDE Report

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